Apply ‘Dam’ before You Say ‘Damn’: A Case Report

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Uzma Mushtaq
Sameer Makkar
Sidharth Kanwar
Tamanpreet Kaur
Farheen Mushtaq
Divyangana Thakur


With increasing legal implications in dental practice, one has to be careful so as to avoid accidents in practice. Although rare, instrument aspiration or ingestion during endodontic treatment without rubber dam can result in clinical complications and subsequent legal proceedings. The purpose of this paper is to present a case report of an accidently aspired endodontic file with emphasis on the preventive measures to avoid such an accident and management if such mishap occurs.

Iatrogenic, ingestion, aspiration, foreign body, rubber-dam

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Mushtaq, U., Makkar, S., Kanwar, S., Kaur, T., Mushtaq, F., & Thakur, D. (2018). Apply ‘Dam’ before You Say ‘Damn’: A Case Report. International Journal of Research and Reports in Dentistry, 1(2), 1-6. Retrieved from
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