Consistency and Repeatability of Digitized Occlusal Records

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Philip L. Millstein
Carlos E. Sabrosa
Sergio Florencio
Karen Geber


New technology yields an instant occlusal impression for recording occlusal and near occlusal contacts and excursive movements in a closed position. Occlusal contact areas can be recorded in a material rather than on a tooth, allowing the information to be scanned and digitized for immediate viewing and subsequent examination.

Occlusion, instant impression, polysiloxane, image analysis, hard-copy

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Millstein, P. L., Sabrosa, C. E., Florencio, S., & Geber, K. (2020). Consistency and Repeatability of Digitized Occlusal Records. International Journal of Research and Reports in Dentistry, 3(2), 24-29. Retrieved from
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