A Conservative Approach to Prosthodontic Rehabilitation of a Patient with Mandibular Ameloblastoma- A Case Report

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Prithika Eswaramurthy
Aniket U. Vaidya
Meena Aras


Surgical resection to treat jaw pathologies results in loss of alveolar bone and teeth at the affected side. Prosthodontic rehabilitation helps the patient to cope up with masticatory difficulties and esthetic disfigurement, which arise as a consequence of morbid surgeries. The successful rehabilitation of such cases depends on strategic treatment planning. We report a case of a patient with mandibular Ameloblastoma who underwent marginal mandibular resection which resulted in many limiting factors like obliterated buccal and lingual sulci. Masticatory and speech inefficiency were chief concerns. Impression making and fabrication of a retentive prosthesis were the main challenges. Post-surgical radiographic examination revealed poor bone support. Therefore, a hollow cast partial denture using lost salt technique was fabricated and delivered to the patient.

Ameloblastoma, cast partial denture, mandible, rehabilitation.

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Eswaramurthy, P., Vaidya, A. U., & Aras, M. (2020). A Conservative Approach to Prosthodontic Rehabilitation of a Patient with Mandibular Ameloblastoma- A Case Report. International Journal of Research and Reports in Dentistry, 3(4), 7-11. Retrieved from https://journalijrrd.com/index.php/IJRRD/article/view/30125
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