Fundamentals in Paediatric Dental Clinic Set – up: A Comprehensive Review

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M. Sojan
S. Thakur
D. Chauhan


The behavior management of the child patient includes many techniques and policies. It requires skills in communication, empathy, coaching, and listening. Designing a paediatric dental clinic that accommodates these management strategies and techniques is a part of the “art” of behavior management. The dental environment as such has an important role in physical, physiological, and psychological health and nowadays it is becoming a topic of concern. Designing a dental clinic in yesteryear, evolved into an art form into which subjectivity, creativity, and aesthetics were introduced. In therapeutic and mechanical amenities, in designing a child - friendly dental environment that promotes a positive psychological attitude is discussed.

Clinic set –up, paediatric, dentistry, dental clinic.

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Sojan, M., Thakur, S., & Chauhan, D. (2021). Fundamentals in Paediatric Dental Clinic Set – up: A Comprehensive Review. International Journal of Research and Reports in Dentistry, 4(1), 1-6. Retrieved from
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