2021 - Volume 4 [Issue 2]

Case Report

Proliferative Verrucous Leukoplakia: A Diagnostic Perplexity

Nidhi Sinha, Meghanand T. Nayak, Shreya Gupta, Devangi Dwivedi, Neeti Swarup, Mansi Agarwal

Page: 149-154

Excision of Telangiectatic Granuloma Using 810 nm Diode Laser and 10,600 nm CO2 Laser: A Case Report

Prerna Ghodke, Sharayu Rajendra Dhande, Rashmi Hegde, Waqas Ansari, Sangeeta Muglikar, Salman Sayyed

Page: 164-173

An Interim Prosthetic Rescue with Natural Tooth Pontic – A Case Series

Nikhila Chandramohan, A. Swetha, Faiza Fathima

Page: 215-223

Incorporation of Special Techniques in the Complete Denture Workflow for an Impaired Elderly Patient: A Case Report

Dimokritos Papalexopoulos, Nikitas Sykaras, Nick Polychronakis

Page: 224-229

A Case Report of Post-extraction Central Cemento-Ossifying Fibroma

Syeda Shadab Farha, Sonia Kaur Sodhi, Firdous Shaikh, Huma Md Saleem, Nida Shaikh

Page: 230-236

A Pattern Based Approach to Diagnosis of Juvenile Ossifying Fibroma : A Case Report and Review of Literature

Poonam R. Zanwar, Jayanti G. Humbe, Jyoti D Bhavthankar, Mandakini S. Mandale, Vaishali A. Nandkhedkar, Savita P. Wagh

Page: 312-317

Case Study

Peg Lateral- Whether to Extract or to Preserve?

Goldar Kabyik, Madan Ellora, Tandon Snehi, Agarwal Tanya

Page: 136-141

Early Implant Placement with Guided Bone Regeneration in Aggressive Periodontitis: A Case Report and Follow-up

Aamir Godil, Arshi Kazi, Kashif Gandhi, Aatif Khan, Smita Musani, Ramandeep Dugal, Sanaa Wadwan

Page: 81-86

Granular Ameloblastoma a Case Report

Sushanth S. Bhat, Laxmikanth Chatra, Prashanth Shenoy, K. M. Veena, Rachana Prabhu, Sajad Buch

Page: 87-92

Cribriform Adenocarcinoma of Palate a Rare Variant of Polymorphous Adenocarcinoma with Differences: A Case Report & Review

Priyanga G., Sabarad Pallavi, Devasia Jofy

Page: 209-214

Noonan-like Syndrome with Multiple Giant Cell Lesions in the Jaws: A Case Report

M. M. Pampín Martínez, E. Gómez García, J. P. Rodríguez Arias, J. L. Cebrián Carretero

Page: 93-99

Oro-Facial Manifestations of Hunter Syndrome with Generalised Primary Tooth Hypomineralisation and its Palliative Management Using Protective Stabilisation: A Case Report

Rishi Tyagi, Namita Kalra, Amit Khatri, Puja Sabherwal, Padma Yangdol, Khadeeja Kulood

Page: 261-266

Use of ‘The Prf Membrane’ for Root Coverage Rescue

Nikhila Chandramohan, Swetha A., Faiza Fathima

Page: 291-298

Original Research Article

Knowledge, Attitude and Referral Practices of Medical Doctors towards Oral Manifestation of Diabetes Mellitus in South East Nigeria

Henry Uyi Igbinedion, Ugochukwu Chinyem Madubueze, Chibuzor Chimezie Uguru, Christian Obasi Akpa, Esther Baragha Igbinedion

Page: 174-183

Retrospective Evaluation of Nd: YAG Laser Application with Visual Analog Scale in the Treatment of Dentin Hypersensitivity

Ersin Ülker, Tuğrul Kırtıloğlu, Rasul Guliyev, Naciye Izgü Bağcı

Page: 113-120

Evaluation of the Measures Taken in the Private Dental Practice during the COVID-19 Pandemic Period in Turkey

Rasul Guliyev, Selman Yılmaz Çicek, Zehra Turun, Ersin Ülker, Tuğrul Kirtiloğlu, Sennur Dabak

Page: 184-195

Orofacial Manifestations of Leprosy Patients in Cameroon

Tasing Kelmed Nfor, Ashu Michael Agbor, Alfred Njamnshi Kongyuy, Sudeshni Naidoo

Page: 196-208

Oral Manifestations of Reflux Oesophagitis in a Cameroonian Tertiary Hospital

Ashu Michael Agbor, Yami Bérinice Tchanlong, Zing Salomon, Kouemeni Lysette, Henry Luma

Page: 237-247

Price County Dental Services Impact Analysis: Quality of Care and Quality of Life in Northern Wisconsin

Jodi Olmsted, Emily Thompson, Paige Sullivan Messerschmidt

Page: 248-253

Antibacterial Efficacy of Allium Sativum L. Extract As a Root Canal Irrigant in Pulpless Teeth with Infected Root Canal Systems

J. Ghoddusi, M. Forghani, H. Bagheri, E. Aryan, M. Koohi Noghondar, S. Hajizadeh

Page: 267-275

Preventive Fluoride Programs in Price County, Wi: An Ongoing Investigation of Accessing Care in a Rural Community

Jodi Olmsted, Paige Sullivan Messerschmidt, Emily Thompson

Page: 282-290

Effects of a Topical Crème Containing CPP-ACP with Fluoride (Tooth Mousse Plus™) on Dental Plaque during Orthodontic Treatment

Sepehr Tabatabataee, Shaneen J. Leishman, Laurence J. Walsh

Page: 299-311

Review Article

Air-Powder Polishing: An Update

Sharayu Rajendra Dhande, Sangeeta Muglikar, Rashmi Hegde, Prerna Ghodke

Page: 121-135

Oral Mucormycosis: Post Complication of COVID Era

Ankita Garg, Satendra Sharma, Shailendra Singh Chauhan, Aditya Sinha, Mohan Rawat, . Deepika

Page: 155-163

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