2021 - Volume 4 [Issue 1]

Clinical Practice Article

Odontogenic Infections in a Regional Hospital in Kuwait: 7 Years Retrospective Study

Petr Schütz, Mahmoud Ahmed Anous

Page: 16-25

Case Report

Multiple Shovel Shaped Appearance of Teeth Associated with Dens Invaginatus: A Case Report

Zaridah Zainal Abidin, Alaa Sabah Hussein, Siti Hajar Hamzah

Page: 61-67

A Case Report on Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Induced by Phenytoin

Suman Bisla, Ambika Gupta, Shubhangi Shukla, Shagun Solanki, Jatin Lonyal

Page: 68-72

Case Study

Two Cases Diagnosed with Idiopathic Root Resorption and Low Serum Vitamin D Raise New Questions on Aetiology

Inger Kjaer, Georges Rozencweig, Eric Foultier, Maria Lopez Petersen, Niels Tommerup, Mads Bak, Jan Kvetny

Page: 50-60

Closure of Oroantral Communications with Bichat’s Buccal Fat Pad: A Case Series

Joseph Bassil, Ronald Younes, Abdallah Menhall, Stephanie Mrad

Page: 26-32

Minireview Article

Fundamentals in Paediatric Dental Clinic Set – up: A Comprehensive Review

M. Sojan, S. Thakur, D. Chauhan

Page: 1-6

Original Research Article

Comparing the Incidence and Prevalence of Oral Microbial Pathogens Selenomonas noxia and Streptococcus mitis within the UNLV-SDM Clinical Patient Population

Namgu Kim, Melissa Trumbo, Patrick Perkins, Kevin Foote, Beanca Jhanine Samiano, Matthew Marrujo, Karl Kingsley, Katherine M. Howard

Page: 38-49

Comparative Assessment of Salivary pH as a Diagnostic Marker in Dental Caries and Chronic Periodontitis

Mahavish Khan, Sangeeta Muglikar, Rahul Kale, Samad Aziz, Fouzia Shaikh, Azhar Sheikh

Page: 33-37

Investigation of Root-crown Ratio of Upper Incisors in a Group of Turkish Adolescent

Bilal Ozmen, Nazlı Basak Ayna, Zeynep Kaya

Page: 73-80

Review Article

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