A Conservative Approach to Prosthodontic Rehabilitation of a Patient with Mandibular Ameloblastoma- A Case Report

Prithika Eswaramurthy, Aniket U. Vaidya, Meena Aras

Page: 7-11
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Pulpotomy in the Adult Patient: Does It Work? A Case Report

Noryagandi Abu Bakar

Page: 1-6
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Giant Mandibular Epulis: A Case Report

Rachid Aloua, R. El Bouihi, Faiçal Slimani

Page: 29-32
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Clinico-Radiographical Findings in Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma of Maxilla – A Rare Case Report

Akshay Sujith, R. Guruprasad, Neeta Sharma, Shruti S. Sambyal

Page: 42-51
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Clinical Evaluation and Comparison of Obturation Quality Using Pediatric Rotary File, Rotary Endodontic File and H File in Root Canal of Primary Molars: A Double Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial

Sanjana Ghadge, Farhin Katge, Manohar Poojari, Khushboo Jain, Devendra Patil

Page: 12-19
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Predicting Odontogenic Jaw Lesions and Initial Surgical Treatment Based on Size of Lesion and Distance from Inferior Alveolar Nerve on Panoramic Radiographs

Sonal S. Shah, Shahabeddin Sassanpour, Robert S. Glickman

Page: 33-41
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Reliability of Facial Measurements in Determination of Occlusal Vertical Dimension: A Cross-sectional Study on Indian Population

Tarun Dabra, M. B. Chowdhuri, Babita Dabra

Page: 52-59
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Gingival Retraction Procedure is Associated with Increased Gene Expression of TNF-α and TNF-α Receptors: A Pilot Study

Gang Hu, Andrew Sullivan, Zaoling Hu, Saul Weiner

Page: 60-67
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Association between Periodontitis and Heart Disease: A Literature Review

Noha Algallai

Page: 20-28
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The Influence of Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements on Tooth Stability in Elderly: Systematic Review

Noha Algallai

Page: 68-74
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