Diagnostic Clue: Oral Manifestations in a Case of Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Ruchi Harish *

Department of Periodontology, Army Dental Centre Research and Referral, New Delhi, India.

Saravanan Sampoornam Pape Reddy

Department of Periodontology, Army Dental Centre Research and Referral, New Delhi, India.

Shreehari Ambika Krishnan

Department of Periodontology, Army Dental Centre Research and Referral, New Delhi, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Aims: Many systemic diseases and conditions find manifestations in the oral cavity, which if not promptly diagnosed can have grave consequences. Therefore, the aim of this case report is to stress the importance of an interdisciplinary approach by the periodontist, hematologist, and medical expert to minimize the time to establish diagnosis during the initial presentation of Acute myeloid leukemia (AML), which in this case were oral manifestations.

Presentation of Case: This case report describes a 15 year old female who presented with enlarged gums with pain and bleeding. Diagnostic workup included complete blood count with differential leukocyte count followed by bone marrow biopsy and cytochemistry. These tests aided in diagnosing the condition as acute myeloid leukemia.

Discussion: Oral signs of leukemia include gingival enlargement, which appears bluish red in color and tends to bleed on slightest provocation. Immature leukocytes in the gingival tissues and chemotherapy induced immunosuppression makes the patients more vulnerable to tissue breakdown and secondary infections, all of which were evident in the present case.

Conclusion: Both, oral health care and medical professionals should work in sync in order to carry out prompt diagnosis and render timely treatment for the underlying pathology.

Keywords: Leukemia, gingival, oral manifestations, case report

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